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Transition Tips: Charting your course

Are you in the FBI or the Intel Community, and need some advice about transitioning to the private sector? Look no further! In our new series FBI Transition Tips our members are sharing the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

This tip comes from Esther Bacon, whose thoughts on figuring out roles and charting your course are gold:

“Companies use vague language in job postings to keep the position flexible, but that can also make the requirements and roles difficult to understand. Two things to keep in mind: Apply, even if you think you don't qualify. The role can be flexible, or there could be other roles for which you could be a perfect fit. Secondly, when in talks with a prospective employer, make sure you really understand the role for which you are being considered. Talk to them about short term and longer term expectations, growth opportunities, and what success looks like in the role. Be very clear about what you're walking into, and you will be able to step in and grow successfully.”

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