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Transition Tips: Leveling and job titles

Are you in the FBI or the Intel Community, and need some advice about transitioning to the private sector? Look no further! The FBI AIA is excited to launch our new series - Transition Tips, where you’ll hear from our members about the lessons they’ve learned and what they’d love to share.

Let’s get started on FBI Transition Tips!

In the government, we’re used to a title being consistent - what’s true in Omaha is true in Miami. But the private sector is slightly different, and Chair of the FBI AIA Board of Directors Janet Rathod has some advice on figuring this out:

“Leveling and job titles in the private sector are hard to decode. A Senior Manager at Capital One is a completely different rank from a Senior Manager at Amazon, for example. A Vice President at Citi is a completely different rank from a Vice President at Capital One. If you find a job posting of interest, I recommend connecting with someone from within the company to better understand the leveling. If rank and leveling are important to you, do not take a lower level position thinking you can work your way up. Internal promotions are hard and vary greatly from company to company.”

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