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Transition Tips: Translating your skills

Are you in the FBI or the Intel Community, and need some advice about transitioning to the private sector? Look no further! In our new series FBI Transition Tips our members are sharing the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

This tip comes from Nikki Rutman, whose ideas for translating your skills into corporate language will serve you well:

“Transitioning from the government into the private sector can be daunting especially when you wonder if your skills measure up.  Trust me, they do!  You just have to figure out how to translate your government roles and responsibilities into something a private sector hiring manager can understand.  I went through many panels of interviews and made it to the last round on more than one occasion to hear "we want someone with more corporate experience."  How does one get more corporate experience unless you get your first corporate chance?  Well, the reality is that you have the experience, you just didn't do a very good job of translating!  Once I made some edits to my resume, the process improved.  The real tipping point was when I started asking these two questions of the panels: Is there anything in my background or on my resume that you have questions or concerns about? What does success look like to you?  Question one opens the door for you to work-in how your government experience translates to the position you applied for and question two helps you decide if the position is a good fit.”

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