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Transition Tips: Your FBI family

Are you in the FBI or the Intel Community, and need some advice about transitioning to the private sector? We’re here to help! In our series FBI Transition Tips our members share the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

This tip comes from Brian Antol, who builds on Ian’s tip from September 5th and reminds us to lean on our FBI family:

“As you undoubtedly heard during your FBI career, the FBI is a family. Take advantage of that mantra. During your transition to the private sector, “Don’t neglect your FBI family!”. During my transition some advice from a former co-worker, who already transitioned to the private sector, was invaluable, “if you identify a former FBI employee at a company where you are applying for a job reach out to them even if you do not know them.” The FBI is a large organization and former FBI employees work everywhere in the private sector. My post-FBI transition started by reaching out to an FBI family member who provided my resume to the hiring manager. I was subsequently hired for the position. Now as I transition once again, as a small business owner, my FBI family is aiding the transition. My intelligence consulting company, Antol Intelligence Consulting, LLC, was born because numerous FBI family members were reaching out asking if I could do some intelligence work for the companies they own or work for. After about 12 months of inquiries and lots of “I can’t because…”, I decided that there was enough interest in the skill set I possess as a former FBI analyst to venture out on my own. If it wasn’t for my FBI family, I would never have felt confident enough to start my own company.”

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