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Member Spotlight: Sarah Saenz

Who are the FBI AIA? We are a diverse and passionate group of intel professionals who have taken our experiences and skills from the FBI to places outside the government. Get to know us a little better! This month, meet Sarah Saenz.

Sarah, how long were you in the FBI, and what sorts of things did you do?

I was at the FBI for 13 years, starting as an IA in the Detroit Field Office. After five years, I transferred to the Washington Field Office and focused on building community partnerships in furtherance of crime prevention. I had the opportunity to connect and collaborate with community leaders and through that experience, I discovered my passion for building partnerships. After completing my Master’s in International Relations, I transitioned to the International Operations Division and worked on a special project to increase private sector relationships overseas. I then went to the Office of Directorate of National Intelligence (ODNI), as a joint duty assignment, where I was responsible for facilitating collaboration and meetings with the U.S. Intelligence Community. Later, I joined the Office of Partner Engagement and Office of Public Affairs and led efforts to develop strategies and revise policy on outreach efforts. 

Where are you now, and what are you up to?

I work at Citibank in the cybersecurity group focusing on partnerships and industry engagement. I love working in a cutting-edge sector and utilizing my skills to foster collaboration and awareness on cybersecurity issues. Building and strengthening partnerships for a common goal is crucial in my role. 

How would you say your FBI skills have translated for you?

The bottom line up front or BLUF, is something that always stuck with me from the FBI and developing that skill has helped me communicate more effectively. My work always requires strong research and analytical skills, and the ability to communicate clearly to a wide range of audiences within and outside of the financial sector. There’s always room to improve on this skill, but I use the BLUF in almost any scenario to help communicate my message. 

What do you enjoy most about your new role?

I love the global reach of Citi because it has the most global financial footprint in the world. The wide range of cybersecurity issues offer interesting challenges and an opportunity to develop a strategic vision on engagement. The most exciting part is meeting and connecting with people from so many different areas including other banks, the government, trade associations, think tanks, etc. It’s always rewarding to see firsthand the impact of creating strong partnerships.

Always our final question- what do you like to do in your free time?

I love to travel and spend time with my family. I also love to cook and share my Iraqi Chaldean cuisine with friends and neighbors.

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