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Member Spotlight: Tim Cote

Who are the FBI Association of Intelligence Analysts? We are a diverse and passionate group of intelligence professionals who have taken our experiences in the FBI and the skills we gained from our service to places outside the government. We’re leading public safety organizations and cyber security divisions, we’re driving our companies’ strategic planning and competitive efforts.

We recently elected Timothy Cote as our Chief Social Media Officer, and Tim is joining us for the first in our Member Spotlight series, where you can get to know the FBI AIA a little better.

Tim, how long were you in the FBI, and what sorts of things did you do?

I was in for 13 years, and I met some amazing people and did some really cool stuff. Some of that was helping develop the prioritization and strategy process, serving as the coordinator for the Boston Office’s intelligence program, and working with the Joint Terrorism Task Force on domestic terrorism. I was also really lucky to work alongside wonderfully thoughtful and dedicated intelligence professionals.

What an experience! At some point though, you decided you were ready for a change. What drove your decision?

Definitely, it was really incredible! And I truly felt lucky: as I was leaving, I thoroughly loved my job; the work, the people, everything. But yeah, I was interested in finding what was next. I had so many opportunities within the Bureau, and I was - and still am - super thankful for that. At the same time, I knew there was a vast world to explore, opportunities to make, and chances to get after. I knew I had to give myself space to grow.

Makes total sense. Where are you now, and what are you up to?

I’m at Akamai Technologies, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Akamai is a fantastic company, responsible for powering and protecting life online. They are stacked with extremely talented, tenacious, and smart people who I’ve really enjoyed getting to know over these past few months. My role is as a competitive intelligence analyst, where I help Akamai stay ahead of its competitors.

Excellent! And what are you enjoying the most in your new role?

So, the heart of my role is still analysis, but I’m getting to explore new ideas and deliver conclusions in an imaginative and creative way that I’m absolutely loving. Also, the culture at Akamai - I can’t say enough about it. Folks are welcoming, supportive, and so energized and dedicated. It’s a great environment to be in.

Okay, let’s finish with a softball - what sort of things do you do in your free time?

Getting outdoors, for sure - I love biking with my wife and two daughters, skiing, hiking; I’m here in New England, and take full advantage. I love reading and listening to podcasts (shoutout to the Ezra Klein Show!), and can’t get enough of spinning records on my turntable.

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